The fire load optimized monitors of the FL-Line are high-quality industrial monitors, certified according to class A1 for wall mounting. The monitors are available for landscape and portrait mounting. The monitors are available in different sizes from 61 cm (24") to 81 cm (32").

FL-Line - fire load optimized monitors
boxed + Monitor

Terminals + LEDs

The FL-Line monitors needs a 230 VAC power supply and are controlled by the mediaplayer boxed V4 via a DVI/HDMI-interface.

terminals of the mediaplayer from left to right:

  1. 3 state LEDs
  2. SIM card slot for optional 4G card
  3. LAN interface 10/100 MBit
  4. USB host interface e.g. for USB stick
  5. 4 inputs 
  6. Speaker
  7. Switch for option + CAN bus termination
  8. High-speed CAN interface
  9. Power supply 12-24 VDC

Monitors in public areas serve residents and visitors as information and guidance systems. Sometimes such monitors are located in places that are also designated as escape and rescue routes. Special fire protection rules apply to these.

FL-Line monitors are characterized by a long service life and 24/7 operation. 

Our FL-Line Monitors

Some examples with FL-Line Monitors

FL-Line - Welcome to Your Mall

FL-Line - Welcome to Your Mall

Display: FL-Line 32 


  • Welcome with logo
  • Elevator signals
  • Advertisement with Campaign
  • News
  • fully configurable via intranet or internet
  • all widgets controllable via timer & event function
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