Our High-Bright-displays with a brightness of >1000 cd/m2 have been developed for specific applications that require a particularly bright display. They are available in various formats and optional with touch function.

High bright display

Ambient light

Displays are often used in very bright places, e.g. by spots or direct sunlight. To ensure that the display content is still legible, high-bright displays must be used in such applications. In elevators, this is usually the case with glass elevators in buildings with direct sun light. 

Behind mirrors or smoked glass

Behind mirrors or smoked glass

Displays are also more frequently used behind mirrors than so-called magic mirror displays. Due to the partially transparent coating, a major part of the brightness is lost. In such applications we also use high-bright displays. 

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Our high bright displays

LT-Line High Bright displays 

DM-Line High Bright touch displays in stretched format

We offer the displays in other sizes too. Here you can find the overview of our LT-Line displays >> our DM-Line displays >>