Our open-frame monitors of the BCM-Line are high-quality industrial monitors that can be used for elevators in the car or on the floors in new buildings as well as in modernizations. The monitors are characterized by a long service life and 24/7 operation. The monitors are available in various formats from 30.7 cm (12.1") to 68.8 cm (27").

BCM-Line Monitors
boxed with POS-Line Monitor

Terminals + LEDs

The BCM-Line monitors needs a 12 VDC or 24 VDC power supply and are controlled by the mediaplayer boxed V4 via a DVI/HDMI-interface.

terminals of the mediaplayer from left to right:

  1. 3 state LEDs
  2. SIM card slot for optional 4G card
  3. LAN interface 10/100 MBit
  4. USB host interface e.g. for USB stick
  5. 4 inputs 
  6. Speaker
  7. Switch for option + CAN bus termination
  8. High-speed CAN interface
  9. Power supply 12-24 VDC

Our BCM-Line monitors


Some examples with BCM-Line monitors

BCM-Line 15,6 - Mittagsangebote

BCM-Line 15,6 - Mittagsangebote

Display: BCM-Line 15,6 


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